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November 5

Wim Wenders (1976) 175 mins R

Wenders’ now classic buddy movie is an elliptical road odyssey of two estranged men (Rüdiger Vogler and Hanns Zischler) traversing the nether regions of the East/West German border servicing broken-down movie theatres.

Powered by an idiosyncratic mix of ’60s pop music (heard and quoted by the characters) and Axel Linstädt’s evocative score, Wenders’ existential narrative poetically charts the Americanisation of the German mindscape, the impoverishment and beauty of the modern landscape, and the inevitable death of the cinema. The final part of the director’s “road trilogy”.


10.05PM – CHAMBRE 666
Wim Wenders (1982) 46 mins M

A fascinating time capsule in which Wenders asks various filmmakers to enter a hotel room, turn on the camera and answer the “simple” question: “Is the cinema a language about to get lost, an art about to die?” Filmed at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, it features candid and playful responses from such varied luminaries as Michelangelo Antonioni, Jean-Luc Godard, Werner Herzog, Steven Spielberg, Monte Hellman, Mike De Leon, Susan Seidelman, Yilmaz Güney and Robert Kramer. An illuminating record of shifting tastes, values and canons, it also features the moving presence of Rainer Werner Fassbinder who died within a few weeks of production.

Print courtesy of the National Film & Sound Archive, Australia.


Melbourne Cinémathèque’s top picks for MIFF 2014

The Melbourne Cinémathèque team is taking a break for a few weeks because our equivalent of Christmas starts on the 1st of August this year. We resume screenings on the 27th of August so until then, you’ll be able to find us at The Melbourne International Film Festival. So, while we’re busy frantically planning our schedules, we thought we’d share our top picks! Check out our list over at our Facebook page.